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Hello, Welcome to Breeze. I've been existing as a carpenter since I can remember. My carpentry career has been a interesting journey. I've tried to make great strides always focusing on learning to just get better. From constructing Mall of America stores to building houses from the ground up. I'm always focusing on what I love to do. This passion for my work led me to correctly run my own company. With many lifetimes of knowledge and experience, We strive to be the best. I am absolutely one of the top carpenters anywhere.

I offer my personal Guarantee that your job will be done right!

  • Covers every part of the project that we install

  • Covers the installation and any material on your house

  • Covers any defect in any of these items


We are able to offer such an amazing warranty for three reasons.

  1. I work directly with the factory where the siding is manufactured.

  2. I've partnered up with several major name brand manufacturers in the industry, such Alside, Anderson, Pella, Certainteed, Walsh, Marvin, etc.

  3. My team of trained experts and I are the highest quality siding installers in the area. You can rest assured your project will always  be done right.


Why should you choose us? Fantastic question.


The first answers that come to mind are product quality, professional installation, and the best prices in the Northland. Many companies will throw out those statements, but we back up our words with our work. Our quality of work is second to none, and you can rest assured everything will be done correctly. Additionally, one thing that truly sets Breeze Construction apart from other companies is our strong communication with our customers. If you have any issues, questions or concerns, whether they are small or large, we want to hear them. We will always listen to, respect, and address all of your concerns. Your thoughts will never fall on deaf ears.


Call us today to set up an appointment for a FREE consultation and price estimate on your project. No commitment required! I’m looking forward to speaking with you!


​Thank You,


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