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Whether you are remodeling your home or building something new, whether your budget is high or low, you will find that Breeze Construction vinyl, steel and LP smart siding offers the choice and value you're looking for. Our low maintenance siding materials will give your home the look and feel of natural wood siding while using the most innovative siding on the market today. Nothing can improve the overall appearance of your home more dramatically than the exterior siding you choose.


Vinyl siding is currently the most popular choice for remodeling or new construction. It delivers the warm, quality appearance of wood without the time-consuming maintenance and costly repairs. Breeze Construction's siding products deliver greater durability, rigidity, and wind resistance with many fade-resistant colors! Our premium vinyl won’t split, peel or rot because the entire piece is one solid color. It never needs to be scraped, stained or painted. We offer a wide variety of vinyl styles that include different textures, shadow lines and color palettes to meet your needs and preferences.


Ensure that your home looks great for decades. Our steel siding will protect your home from the ever-changing Midwest conditions such as varying temperatures, snow, rain, wind, and hail. Steel siding accomplishes all this without compromising the beauty of your home. Breeze Construction's steel siding line is the most durable siding product on the market today. This siding is covered by the manufacturer's warranty in the event of rusting, cracking, chipping, peeling or any blistering of the exterior paint finish. State of the art oven-fused PVC finish on the exterior of the panel protects against dents, scratches, and fading for long lasting beauty. Recognized as an environmental leader within your community, we are committed to using green products. Steel siding is green and safe for the environment.


It's easy to give your home the rich, premium look of natural wood with LP SmartSide siding and exterior trim. SmartSide products are the perfect complement for many styles of homes.

Whether you're building a contemporary home or just want to freshen your existing home, SmartSide siding and exterior trim is the smart choice.

All SmartSide products feature a deeply textured cedar grain pattern for the appearance of true wood. Our installation team can shape and cut SmartSide products to create the style you want, while adding real craftsmanship and curb appeal. And with the option of painting your siding any color, you'll get the feel and look you've always wanted.



When you work with Breeze Construction, you get access to the highest quality siding components in the industry that will:

  • Save you money on your energy bill

  • Last a lifetime with no maintenance

  • Look like new for years to come

  • Reduce unwanted noise from outside


One of my favorite compliments is when customers tell me their home is "comfortable", “beautiful”, and they no longer have to battle the heat, cold, or their neighbor’s excessively loud music.

We offer a wide assortment of colors for you to choose from, and we custom build to accommodate for unique shapes and sizes. Our siding work can completely transform the look of your house. We also abide by all city codes and fire safety regulations, so you can have the peace of mind that your house is modernized in both its look and safety.


Here's an example of how brand new siding can drastically transform the look of a home! See more examples of our work here!

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